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#DogsAtPollingStations Man’s Best Trend

Despite the good old British summer being a bit damp and rainy in parts, voters are surging to the polls and bringing their 4 legged best friends with them, From the small to the mighty, many of the pooches are dressed up to the nines. The Evening Standard said: "The hashtag started during

Surge at the Polls #GE2017

Reports from social media, showing a promising turnout for the 2017 General Election with queues out the door. In particular it seems that young voters are turning out with many posting videos on their way to or from their polling stations. It's estimated than 500,000 more people are registered to vote

Theresa May Voted in Maidenhead

This morning, Prime Minister Theresa May cast her vote in the General Election at her polling station in Maidenhead. The PM arrived with her husband Philip. , the Conservative party leader greeted press with a confident 'Hello' as she walked past police officers and entered the polling station in her Maidenhead constituency. Security

Jeremy Corbyn Has Cast His Vote #GE2017

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this morning cast his vote in his Islington North constituency. Jeremy was sporting a smart suit and a red tie together with his party rosette. He stopped tochat to members of the public at his local polling station. will be filling you in as the polling day goes and