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#DogsAtPollingStations Man’s Best Trend

Despite the good old British summer being a bit damp and rainy in parts, voters are surging to the polls and bringing their 4 legged best friends with them,

From the small to the mighty, many of the pooches are dressed up to the nines.

The Evening Standard said:

“The hashtag started during the 2015 general election, and has since been fired up at every major vote as a much-needed dose of light relief from the political tension.#dogsatpollingstations is trending on Twitter, we are bringing you our favourites here.”


Cuteness in all shapes and sizes

Some are evening learning how to vote…

Share your pooches pics on social media using the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations


And if you don’t have a dog? Well, other pets it seems are coming along to the ballot box too…

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